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After the pandemic, we are spending more time than ever at our homes and have more time to inspect all the nooks and crannies. Why you're sitting at home, it's important to check out what's going on with your windows, patio doors, and glass enclosed areas. Take a look at some tips below to keep your house in tip-top condition.


When checking patio doors or windows there are several areas you want to check.

Is the window sealed properly?

Are there cracks anywhere?

Is there any mold? Where is it coming from?

How does the window function?

Do the balance rods and the spring work correctly?

Does it lock and bolt?

If you needed to get out of your window during an emergency you don't want to find out during the emergency.

You want to check beforehand and be prepared.

A regular inspection can help you in the future!



Is moisture causing your window to crack? Are there bugs coming inside your window? Is your window fogging up? Are people writing messages in your dirty windows? Are your windows exposed to the East or the West? A quick inspection can be very valuable to help you identify any problems. Is your sprinkler regularly hitting your window? Did you know it can distort the glass? Windows can lose their seals from being pressure washed and it will blow out the seals of the window that makes it insulated. It happens more than you would think! Can water get through your window if you wash it? Then that means bugs can, too! An inspection of your windows can protect you from unneccessary bills in the future. We recommend you check your glass 3-4 times a year. Moving your windows up and down reguarly will help your window to perform better, so open up those windows and get some fresh air! Keeping your mechanisms moving and cleaning the glass is very important! Let's face it just getting to the window can be tough - but your safety is involved so be careful when cleaning. If it is too high to reach there are companies that specialize in cleaning windows. Contact us and we can help point you to a local company we trust. We can help you with glass that is distorted, cracked, or has bad seals. We can also replace it entirely. Reach out to us and we'll be glad to help you.


When you are sick and tired of windows that don't work properly and glass that seems to leak and when you can't see your kids playing in the yard due to so much fogged glass. Or perhaps the sprinkler system in the back yard has ruined your glass? Does it look like it's winter outside from looking outside your glass? When there's mold and a budding ant farm living between two pieces of just MIGHT want to give us a call before you call anyone else.


Because we make it simple.


Did you find any abnormalties in your glass? 

Do you need some help replacing old or cracked glass?

Maintain the integrity of your window frame and house and give us a call today or fill out the form below.

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